Portland Sewing offers sewing classes for the beginner to the advanced stitcher from learning to sew to patternmaking, draping, tailoring and couture. We are Portland’s premier sewing school with classes covering sewing and garment assemblage techniques, apparel, clothing design, fashion industry and business development. View a full list of our classes and sign up for our newsletter.

 “I just wanted to reiterate my thanks for your help and mentorship over the past few years.  I’m so excited about my new job in product innovation and development.  The team I’m joining wants someone who knows how to pattern and sew in order to test out new ideas and optimize them.  The construction, pattern making and CAD skills I gained at Portland Sewing were key to the position.  Thanks so much for your guidance and leadership!” — Serena S, November 2014

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Make your own patterns by draping on a dress form.


Sew velvet, chiffon, satin and bias in our Difficult Fabrics/Couture: class.


Eco-Couture Learn the beautiful techniques of stenciling, layering and hand stitching on organic cotton knits.


Which fabric to use? You’ll know after this Textiles class with Jade Carlin of Nike.