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Apparel Business Plan


Create an Apparel Business Plan

Thursdays, September 11-October 30, 6-9 pm., $279

Instructor:  Kim Dawson, Partner & Co-Conspirator, Revolution Business & Life Design

This hands on class will walk you through writing your own business plan.

Each week, you will complete different sections.  You will pull together any of the strategic marketing planning, research, costing, sourcing, branding, communications and other work you may have done. You will write the narrative of your business and back it up with detailed facts and figures.  You will create Excel spreadsheets for your financial section -- the very thing lenders want to see.

You will think through your business thoroughly, research facts you are unsure of and examine your ideas critically.  Come prepared with your laptops and all the relevant info you’ve collected.  Roll up your sleeves and leave class with a viable plan that could get you financing and on the path to your dreams.


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