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November 18, 2014.  SEWING TIP OF THE DAY Tuesday, Nov. 18 to Saturday, December 6, everyone who signs up for a Portland Sewing class gets $10 punch on a frequent buyer card.

Where to buy industrial machines

SEWING TIP OF THE DAY: Q-Where can I buy machines like a ruffller, buttonholer and a blind hemmer? — Kateshia P A-Joe Payne’s Rooster Roc SewCo (3427 NE 72nd Ave, 503-939-7290) is a good place to purchase industrial machines such as blindhemmers. He does not carry high-end machines such as the buttonholer. For those, you […]

Sewing without fatigue

SEWING TIP OF THE DAY: Q. Do you know how to comfortably sit while [hand] basting?  My shoulders and neck ache after awhile. — Priscilla A.  Sit at a waist high (or higher) table.  Rest your forearms on the table so the table supports your arms, shoulders and back.  Sit up straight!  That’s how the […]

Pre-shrink: Wash, dry clean or steam?

Q. Should we pre-shrink our materials for the Chanel jacket we’re making in class? — Priscilla A. Please do not launder any of your fabrics for the couture jacket. If you’re worried about shrinkage of your silks/wool/rayons, steam shrink them yourself or take them to a dry cleaner to have them steamed (not dry cleaned). […]

Where to find Halloween costume locally

Q.  I’m wondering if you have any suggestions on where I can find locally some key pieces for a Halloween costume. I’m going to an upcoming “Witch Party” for all women and the one requirement is you must wear a witch hat.  It’s on Nov 1st which is Day of the Dead.  I’m thinking about a […]

Where to clean a leather jacket?

Q. Where is a good place to take a leather jacket for cleaning? A. Leather Care, 6303 SE Powell, according to leatherworking teacher Jennifer Holcomb.  ”A Harley riding friend swears by them,” she says.  ”Personally, I clean myself.  You should dry clean a leather jacket only if the lining needs it.  Leather can be easily […]

Hollywood Star, Business Journals report on Portland Sewing biz classes

Hollywood Star, Business Journals report on Portland Sewing biz classes


Sept 21, 2014 Hi Portland Apparel Community — We’re making it happen! Full page articles about our apparel business class series in Portland Business Journal, Apparel & Outdoor Newsletter and now this from the Hollywood Star. Many thanks to our colleagues in the community who are helping us grow Portland’s apparel business! Next class: Working […]



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Nov 21, 2014 — SEWING TIP OF THE DAY: Want to mimic the hems of a store-bought knit top? Use a 4.0 mm twin needle. Make sure it’s a stretch needle or you’ll get skipped stitches in your knit. Nov 20, 2014 — SEWING TIP OF THE DAY: When sewing stretch fabrics, use a stretch […]

New store hours announced

New Store Hours – Mondays, 6-9 pm – Tuesdays, 10 am-1 pm & 6-9 pm – Weds-Thurs, 10 am-9 pm – Sat, 10 am-5 pm We’ve always been open during class times. But then, one of our students wrote in a review, “It is so convenient to have this store at the school, where staff […]

When to change machine needles

Q.  When should I change out my machine needle? — Kris A.  A sewing machine needle is good for about 8 hours of use. To decide if yours is ready for changing, listen to your machine. If the needle makes a thumping sound as it goes through the fabric, it’s time for a new one.