Sept 19, 2014 — SEWING TIP OF THE DAY: Use 100% polyester all-purpose “sews-all” thread for your apparel sewing. It is durable, unlike rayon. Won’t shrink, unlike cotton. Won’t break, unlike cotton-wrapped poly. And is inexpensive, unlike silk. Sept 18, 2014 –SEWING TIP OF THE DAY: Always use a 100% cotton cover on your ironing […]

New store hours announced

New Store Hours – Mondays, 6-9 pm – Tuesdays, 10 am-1 pm & 6-9 pm – Weds-Thurs, 10 am-9 pm – Sat, 10 am-5 pm We’ve always been open during class times. But then, one of our students wrote in a review, “It is so convenient to have this store at the school, where staff […]

When to change machine needles

Q.  When should I change out my machine needle? — Kris A.  A sewing machine needle is good for about 8 hours of use. To decide if yours is ready for changing, listen to your machine. If the needle makes a thumping sound as it goes through the fabric, it’s time for a new one.

FABRIC SALE this Saturday

FABRIC SALE this Saturday

Saturday, Jan 4, 10 am-1 pm
Tours!  Refreshments!
$1/yard fabric table

Get ready for our quarterly Fabric Sale. Saturday, Sept 6, 10 am-5 pm – Cottons for Learn to Sew, Apparel Construction, dresses. – Twill and denim for pants .
- Knits for knitwear and activewear. – Wools for tailoring and Chanel jackets 
A special table of fabric for $1 a yard.
 Plus 20% off notions

What to do about a baggy crotch

Q. We stay stitch neckline curves & waistline curves, so why don’t we stay stitch crotch curves on pants? — Joan A. We don’t want the crotch to stay. We want to let it stretch with the body, e.g., when we sit down. That’s not true with a neck. With a neckline, we want it […]

How to fix stretchy waistbands

Q.  I am having a little problem with the waistband for my pants.  The fabric is stretchy.  The pant waistband ripples when I try to add it to the pants.– Jenny A. Staystitch the upper edge.  Better yet, stitch a strip of selvage or soft cotton 1/4″ twill tape on the wrong side of each […]

What muslin to buy?

Q – What kind of muslin do you recommend for draping and other classes? — Heather A - We use Venus muslin because it’s good quality and true to grain.  If you get it elsewhere, be sure to use the 3Q test you learned in Apparel Construction, and that the muslin doesn’t smell like seaweed or […]



PDC A&O logo

Portland Development Commission’s Apparel & Outdoor newsletter promotes Portland Sewing’s apparel business classes: PORTLAND, OR- August 11, 2014- Owner and director of Portland Sewing, Sharon Blair, announced today the launch of the most comprehensive series of the “business of apparel” classes in Oregon. An incubator, sewing instruction center and a preparatory and finishing school for […]

Biz Journal: Classes will stitch apparel industry together.

Biz Journal: Classes will stitch apparel industry together.


  Next month Portland Sewing and Sharon Blair will launch its most comprehensive series of courses yet for students interested in starting apparel businesses. When Sharon Blair taught at the Art Institute of Portland she noticed students scramble for pencils and note paper when she talked about entrepreneurship. “They were crazy for that information,” she […]

Sewing Tip: How to treat poly dupioni

Q — Today I bought something which is labeled: “Shantung/Dupioni – Navy Poly Shantung – 100% polyester.” It indicates cold water wash and no dryer. I understood that Dupioni is “silk” , so I’m curious about the labeling. Besides the origin, are there other differences in the fabric as far as how they should be […]