Our Classes

French Curves

Price: $12.00    Class begins:

For patternmaking and draping.

With these curves, you have all you need to draft your patterns or turn your drapes into patterns.  All have measurements on one edge.  And they are see-through, so you can better place your lines and square your corners.

We love them and so will you!

6012-NeckEdgeNeck Curve, $6.  For tight curves and circles. 12"




6112-ArmholeArmhole Curve, $6.  For oblong shapes such as armholes.  Perfect for sleeve caps too. 12"


6224-VaryFormVaryForm Curve, $12.  The jack of all trades.  Use it for hems, crotch curves, swimwear and performance wear. 24"

6324-HipHip Curve, $12.  To give you that gradual curve that needs to be just right. 24"

2-x18-2"x18" ruler, $6.  If you don't have this in your tool kit, you aren't a pattern maker!


Plus shipping and handling.


Available Spaces: Unlimited

Ruler Packs for patternmaking

Price: $89.99    Class begins:


Keep your pattern tools safe in our ruler packs. Made in Portland Oregon.

A student favorite:  The best way to carry your pattern rulers and tools.  They are safe and protected here.  Features:

-- Fabric outer

-- Waterproof nylon liner

-- Three pockets to hold all your tools

-- Cover to keep tools from slipping out of the pouch

-- Reinforced to be sturdy

-- Made in Portland, Oregon.

Buy the ruler pack alone for $29.99.

Or buy it fully loaded with all the pattern tools you'll need to do your job, including:

-- Notcher to mark guidelines and dart legs

-- Wood-handled tapered awl to mark dart tips and details

-- Stiletto tracing wheel to copy your patterns

-- Skinny tape measure to measure curves

-- 4 sandwich line rulers:  Neck, armhole, hip, varyform for crotch and hems

-- 2"x18" C-through ruler.  Your most important tool.

Buy the ruler pack fully loaded for $89.99, a 15% discount over buying the tools separately.

Ruler Pack Fully loaded

Inside pockets hold and protect your tools.

Pattern Tools

Fully loaded packs come with 5 rulers and 4 tools -- all essential to patternmaking.

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Dress Forms

Price: $499.00    Class begins: June 25, 2013

Dress Forms -- Mark your form with style lines to make garments that fit you.

Dress Forms -- Mark your form with style lines to make garments that fit you.

Get your professional dress form from Portland Sewing.  These are the same forms used by Parsons and FIT.  If they are good enough for New York, they're good enough for Portland!

Features of our professional dress forms:

-- Pinnable linen padded surface
-- Collapsible shoulders
-- Sturdy wire cage on bottom for skirt measurements
-- Adjustable height
Your dress form is assembled and ready for you to use within two weeks of your order.

Full Body Front

Choose the form based on your smallest of your bust, waist or hip measurements.  Click here for the size chart.  Then make your purchase below.  Prices range from $350-$525 based on size.  Price includes shipping from New York & handling.  You'll pick up your form at Portland Sewing.

Looking for a full body form with legs instead of a cage?  Click here for that price sheet.

Want to learn how to pad out your dress form to meet the rest of your measurements?  Click here for our Body Double class.

Ready to use your dress form in our Draping classes?  Click here to go to that page.

For questions, contact info@portland sewing.com.

Available Spaces: Unlimited


Price: $500.00    Class begins: October 28, 2013

Give the gift of creativity!  

Buy a gift certificate for the fashion designer in your life.

Certificates are e-mailed as a pdf.  Let us know if you'd rather have it mailed within one week of receipt of check and sent in a decorative Portland Sewing envelope or if you'd rather pick it up at Portland Sewing instead.


$35 -- Gives you three hours of Rehab or Pattern Lab or a one-hour private lesson.

$50 -- Gives you a private lesson plus some supplies.

$99 -- Gives you one level (12 hours of class time) of Learn to Sew or Beginning Sewing.  Includes pattern and handouts!

$169 -- Gives you one level (18 hours of class time) of any Intermediate Sewing class such as knits, jackets, shirts, pants, jeans, menswear, leatherworking and more. Includes pattern and handouts!

$199 -- Gives you one level (18 hours of class time) of any Advanced class such as patternmaking, draping, couture, tailoring!

$300 -- Gives you enough to buy a dress form or some models of sewing machines!

$500 -- Go wild!

Have another amount in mind?  Send an e-mail to info@portlandsewing.com and we'll make special arrangements for you.

Be sure to tell us your name and e-mail plus the name, address (street, city, state, zip) and e-mail for your loved one.

Gift certificates are good for one year from date of purchase and are redeemable for Portland Sewing classes and items from the Portland Sewing supply store.

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Sewing Machines

Price: $249.95    Class begins: November 19, 2013

Janome DC2013

Get your sewing machines from Portland Sewing.  We carry only well-built, mid-range (no fancy embroidery) machines that can stand the test of time.  All of the machines  are made of ballistic plastic and metal in Japan or Taiwan.  No cheap plastic parts.  No "made in China."

Looking for a starter machine?  Try a Baby Lock Anna or Molly.

Want some variety in stitches and automatic buttonhole?  Step up to a Baby Lock Rachel.

Looking for a good all-purpose machine that will last you many years?  Look at the Janome QS30.  It has extra feet.  The plateau that wraps around the arm of the machine gives you a larger flat sewing surface for faster sewing.  Or choose the most popular machine of all, the Janome DC2013.

Think you might want decorative stitches for christening gowns?  You might want to start with a Viking Emerald 116.

Getting serious about apparel sewing?  Then Pfaffs are for you.  We have the Ambition Essentials and Ambition 1.0.  These are the most powerful machines with their metal motors and built-in walking foot -- they have a need for speed.

Click on the links to read all the details about each machine.

Choose your favorite.   Make your purchase below.  Pick up your machine at Portland Sewing.  Then sign up for a sewing class!

All of our machines are backed and serviced by Montavilla Sewing Centers with 4 locations for your convenience.

For questions, contact info@portland sewing.com.

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Private Lessons

Price: $35.00    Class begins: January 4, 2014

Private lessons

Tuesdays through Saturdays, 2-5 pm.  

Have a special sewing project where you need expert help? Have a new sewing machine or serger and don’t know how to use it? Need a one-on-one session to learn or brush up on fashion design, draping, patternmaking or illustration skills?

Then private lessons are for you.

All sessions are one-on-one with the appropriate experienced apparel professionals.

You must register at least 48 hours before attending.  Book your spot now! Just let us know which day and time you prefer, the project you have in mind and, if you’re learning a machine, the make and model of your machine when you register.

Adobe:  You must have taken the Adobe Illustration class and have CS4 or higher loaded on your laptop.  Bring your laptop to your private lesson.  Adobe private lessons may be small group sessions of 1-3 students.

Class policies

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Apparel Business Consultations

Price: $55.00    Class begins: January 8, 2014

Apparel Business Consultations

Tuesday-Saturday 1-6 pm.


Need advice for your apparel business?  Need help with product development and refining your product ideas?  Need help finding the right sources for your fabric and labor?

Then consultations are for you.

All sessions are one-on-one with the appropriate experienced apparel professionals.  Thanks to our non-disclosure policy, your ideas are safe with us.

You must register at least 24 hours before attending.  Book your spot now! Just let us know which day, what time, the business needs you have in mind.

Class policies

Available Spaces: 92

Rehab (aka Open Sewing)

Price: $50.00    Class begins: January 11, 2014

Complete your projects in Rehab.

Rehab (Open Sewing): Saturdays, 10 am-1 pm.

$10/hour:  Buy a class or buy a card of 6 for $50 — a $10 discount!

Confess!  You have:

-- Projects you’ve never finished.

-- Projects you never started.

-- A simple alteration you need to fix.

-- A favorite garment you'd like to copy.

Face your fears and get professional help!  Make patterns fit you before you cut out your fabric.  Bring in your latest project or those UFOs (unfinished objects!). Get help with difficult garment construction techniques or patternmaking projects that have you stuck.
You must register at least 24 hours before attending.  Let us know your project.

Minimum of 4 students per Rehab session.  Rehab is priced per person per hour.



Available Spaces: Unlimited

Kids & Teens Sewing

Price: $74.00    Class begins: September 15, 2014

Kids & Teens Sewing (ages 8-13), with Lynn Weglarz, children's sewing book author
Mondays 4-5:45 pm.  $74/person/session
You will learn to sew! Become friends with a machine, learn basic stitches fearlessly and have fun!

Wendy, Claire, Molly, Phobe and their drawstring bagsLevel 1: Pillowcase, drawstring bag and digital music player case.

September session:  September 15-October 6

October session:  October 13-November 3

November session:  November 10-December 1

Get to know your sewing machine.  Learn all the parts, how to thread it and make a bobbin.  Sew straight lines and corners while making the perfect iPod purse.  We’ll make pillowcases for sleepovers or for a gift.  Then we'll make a drawstring tote bag, perfect for carrying books or carrying clothes for a sleepover.  No sewing experience is required.  Includes handouts.

KnitPJSetLevel 2- Secret Pocket Pillow and PJ pants.  October 13-November 3

Make fun seams, easy hems and waistbands.  Learn about elastic and more complicated layouts.  Learn how to control fabric and the proper way to sew a pair of pants.  Save your leftover fabric to make a cool secret pocket pillow. Take your outfit to spirit day or wear it around the house or to sleepovers!  Prerequisite:  Kids & Teens level 1


Level 3-Comfy robe.   November 10-December 1

Make a comfy robe of cotton or flannel with band, pockets and sash.  Match your pockets and make them even. Learn the proper way to cut fabric and sew sleeves.  Improve on your skills.  Prerequisite:  Kids & Teens levels 1 & 2


Available Spaces: 11

Kids & Teens Advanced Sewing

Price: $74.00    Class begins: October 13, 2014

Kids & Teens Advanced Sewing.  Gone through the basic Kids & Teens classes?  Then you are ready to make real clothes.  Choose the level:  Level 4/Skirts, Level 5/Pants, Level 6/Knit Dress.

Classes meet on Mondays, 4-5:45 pm.  Then tell us which session you'd like to attend.

September session:  September 15- October 6

October session:  October 13-November 3

November session:  November 10-December 1

TwirlySkirtLevel 4 - One or two layered TWIRLY SKIRT.  

Learn how to sew hems.  Sew on elastic.  Add trims and sparklies.  Make your skirt one layer or several or add tiers.  Wear your new skirt home!  Prerequisite:  Kids & Teens levels 1-3

Level 5 - REAL PANTS.  

Learn how to make belt loops, add a zipper and make pockets.  Make a fun tie belt to slide through your belt loops.  Prerequisite:  Kids & Teens levels 1-4

Kids Knit DressLevel 6 - KNIT DRESS.  

Everyone wears them.  You have the skills.  So go ahead and make a knit dress with elastic waistband in two different styles:  Long sleeve or sleeveless.  Prerequisite:  Kids & Teens levels 1-5

Class policies

Don't have a sewing machine?  Rent one of our nice, new machines for $10/class meeting.  Apply your rent to owning to machine when you buy your machine from us.

Available Spaces: 3

Knock it Off

Price: $96.00    Class begins: November 1, 2014

Knock it off with Cindy Persson

Saturdays, November 1 & 8, 2-5 pm, $96

Bring in your favorite garment; we’ll help you make a paper pattern and coach you through making new versions.


Class policies

Available Spaces: 1

Contracting basics for apparel designers

Price: $52.00    Class begins: November 1, 2014

Contracting basics for apparel designers

Instructor: Owen Schmidt, contract attorney

Saturday, November 1, 10 am-1 pm

$52 for the class, $499 for the Apparel Product Development series

Owen will help you understand the basic elements of a contract. Interpret such phrases as “satisfaction guaranteed,” “best efforts” and more. Understand what you are reading before you sign that contract with a manufacturer, sales rep or buyer. Know what questions to ask. Learn the key phrases common to most contracts and what they mean. Find out what should be in a contract to protect you. In this class, you will prepare your own contracts you can use when acquiring the services you need to run your apparel business.

Step 8 of the 10-part Apparel Product Development series

Part of the Apparel Certificate and Fashion Forward programs

Class policies

Available Spaces: 3


Price: $189.00    Class begins: November 3, 2014

 Petticoats with Debra Bruneaux, Portland OperaPetticoat Red Deb Bruneaux

Mondays, November 3-December 1, 6-9 pm

$189 (includes sample fabrics, pattern & handouts)

Learn couture techniques from the design houses of Paris and tricks from the pros at Portland Opera as you learn how to layer organza, tulle, net and batiste and eyelet properly to make a petticoat for your wedding dress, party dress, costume or to wear as a skirt!

Available Spaces: 8


Price: $75.00    Class begins: November 7, 2014

Menswear - Ties with Ali Loverink of Duchess Clothiers

Three sessions:  Fridays, November 7-21, 6-9 pm, $75

Learn the basics of making ties from scratch. In this class we will explore the proper way of making a necktie from a pattern to finished product.  We will learn types of interfacing, and different construction methods for making a tie.  You'll end up with a standard necktie and a bowtie.

Available Spaces: 7

Truth About Trade Shows

Price: $52.00    Class begins: November 8, 2014

ABCThe truth about trade shows

Saturday, November 8, 10 am-1 pm

Instructor:  Jason Calderon, owner of West Daily menswear

$52 for the class, $499 for the Apparel Product Development series

 It's where you go to meet with buyers, take orders and meet sales representatives.  But it can be expensive and take a chunk out of your travel budget and time.  Meet with an expert who has been there to discuss:

-- The pros and cons of doing a show.
-- The features of each show, including a list of shows.
-- What to expect.
-- What you should bring. What they should provide.
-- How to make the most of the experience.
-- The cost.

Step 9 in the 10-part Apparel Product Development Series

Part of the Apparel Certificate and Fashion Forward programs

Available Spaces: 4

Protect Your Intellectual property

Price: $52.00    Class begins: November 15, 2014

Apparel Business Classes at Portland SewingProtect Your Intellectual Property

Instructor: Susan Pitchford, IP attorney; Chernoff, Vilhauer, McClung & Stenzel, LLP

Saturday, November 15, 2014, 10-1 pm

$52 for the class, $499 for the Apparel Product Development series

Learn how to protect what you know and what you've created.  Discover the  difference between patent, trademark and copyright.  Walk through the process and cost for getting each.  Find out what happens if you just put a “patent pending” or © or TM on an item without going through the process and cost.

Step 10 of the 10-part Apparel Product Development series

Part of the Apparel Certificate and Fashion Forward programs


SusanPitchfordPitchford joined Chernoff Vilhauer in 2004 and became a partner in 2008. She has experience advising clients in matters involving a broad range of intellectual property issues.  Susan has substantial litigation experience and has represented clients in trials in both state and federal courts in Oregon and Washington, and at appeals to the Ninth Circuit and the Federal Circuit.


Class policies

Available Spaces: 7

Pattern grading

Price: $52.00    Class begins: November 15, 2014

Pattern grading by hand

Take the grading series for $96 or individual classes for $52

Saturdays, November 15 & 22, 2-5 pm

Basic grading, November 15, $52

Use slopers to learn the basic principles of changing pattern sizes.  Learn the inside secrets of increasing and decreasing sizes and government standards for grade rules.  Apply these principles to pants, skirts, sleeves and bodices.


Advanced grading and marking, November 22, $52

Bring in your patterns and learn how to grade them to different sizes.  Create your own grade rules for cardinal points.  Apply to knits and wovens.  Learn how to set up a marker -- a layout of all you pattern pieces ready for cutting -- for best use of fabric.

Available Spaces: 15

Santa's Workshop

Price: $69.00    Class begins: December 2, 2014

Santa's Workshop

These ladies are ready for the holidays. Are you?

Tuesdays, December 2 & 9; 4-5:45 pm, $69

For kids & teens, ages 8-14

Session 1:  Fleece Fun. Make scarves, a cute hat, or a fleece football.  Session 2:  Christmas Ornaments. Easy ornaments; perfect for gift giving, a hang tag on a present or hang on your Christmas tree. Plus, make a bag to hold your electronic toy, from IPod to an e-reader and everything in between.  The bags can also be customized to be a small wallet or purse.

Class policies

Available Spaces: 8

Learn to Sew

Price: $99.00    Class begins: January 5, 2015

Beginning-SewingIf you’ve never or barely touched a machine, Learn to Sew is the one for you! If you’ve done some sewing but are a bit unsure about your skills or want a refresher and are ready to make apparel, then try Apparel Construction.

Learn to Sew Series:  Mondays, January 5-March 23, 6-9 pm OR Tuesdays, January 6-March 24, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm

$99 each level or $289 for the series of all 3 levels.  Includes patterns/handouts. Each level lasts 4 sessions. Priced per person.

Learn how to use your machine and sew basic stitches while making an apron.

Learn how to use your machine and sew basic stitches while making an apron.

Learn to Sew 1.  MondaysJanuary 5-26, 6-9 pm OR Tuesdays, January 6-27, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm.  Learn to sew in this first level of beginning sewing. Bring your machine or rent one from us. Learn basic survival stitches — as well as the way professionals sew — while you make an apron. Sew quickly and painlessly. Learn to read and understand commercial patterns. No sewing experience is required. Includes pattern & handouts.  

Learn how to easily add sleeves, encase seams and make a belt.

Learn how to easily add sleeves, encase seams and make a belt.

Learn to Sew 2.  Mondays, February 2-23, 6-9 pm OR Tuesdays, February 3-24, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm .  Improve on the skills you have learned in LTS 1 or sewing at home. You will make a robe with band, pockets and sash. Match your pockets and make them even. Learn the proper way to make a faced front. Work with large volumes of fabric and tricky layouts. Includes pattern & handouts.  

Learn to Sew 3.  Mondays, March 2-23, 6-9 pm OR Tuesdays, March 3-24, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm.  Make a comfy pajama top & drawstring pants. Sew buttons and buttonholes with your machine. Sew details right for real clothes that look like you bought them from a store, not made them at home. Find out the secrets of interfacing and elastic. Sew a professional pocket and collar. Includes pattern, handouts. Prerequisite: LTS 1 & 2

Learn about interfacing and elastics plus how to sew collars, lapels, buttons and buttonholes.

Learn about interfacing and elastics plus how to sew collars, lapels, buttons and buttonholes.

Don't have a sewing machine?  Rent one of our nice, new machines for $10/class meeting.  Apply your rent to owning to machine when you buy your machine from us.

"loving it!!  [This class] has inspired me to pursue something I've wanted to do for years... thanks" -- Jim

Available Spaces: 49


Price: $299.00    Class begins: January 5, 2015


Choose from one of four patterns

Mondays, January 5-February 9, 6-9 pm

$299. Includes patterns & handouts

Guess what? It rains in Portland! And yet we still go outside to walk, bike and hike. Create a garment that can help you face winter in the Northwest: Water-repellent, warm and wearable with style. Become familiar with fabrics and findings. Sew details appropriate to such garments.  Includes your choice of one of four patterns. Make your choice of a overcoat, trench coat, pea coat or  parka.  Choose wool or technical fabrics including the latest bonded fabrics.

Prerequisite: Apparel Construction 

Available Spaces: 8

Draping 1 & 2

Price: $219.00    Class begins: January 5, 2015


Learn to create garments on a professional dress form.

Draping Series with Adam Andreas, Columbia Sportswear

Mondays, January 5-March 23, 6-9 pm.

$219  per  6-week class or take the 12-week series  for $429.  Includes pattern paper and handouts.

As seen on Project Runway, learn how to work with fabric on a dress form to turn your fashion ideas into real garments.  Arrange your fabric into folds, twists and style lines to create dresses, tops, skirts, coats and daring necklines.  We provide the dress forms.  But in the first session, you will find out where to buy a good quality, inexpensive dress form, alter it to your size and how to put on style lines — so you can start designing your ideas!

Draping - Intro

Draping 1. Mondays, January 5-February 9, 6-9 pm

Learn the fundamentals of draping as a method of designing garments and a patternmaking alternative.  Work on a professional dress form to create bodices, skirts, and dresses.  Transfer the drape to a paper pattern. Required pre-requisites: Patternmaking Intro.

Draping 2.  Mondays, February 16-March 23, 6-9 pm

Expand on techniques learned in Draping I.  Learn to drape asymmetrical designs, bias and cowl necklines and knit fabric.  Create your own designs.  Prerequisite: Draping 1.

Portland Sewing sells dress forms!  For more info, click here.

Class policies

Available Spaces: 9

Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design

Price: $319.00    Class begins: January 6, 2015

See and draw garments using a computer and your Adobe program.

with Rebecca Hatton, Columbia Sportswear

Tuesdays, January 6-March 10, 6-9 pm

$319 for 10-week class 

Learn the basics of of how to use this powerful computer program to design apparel. Follow the same steps used at major apparel companies.  Create a concept or mood board.  Design a simple ensemble, following your concept, then put on finishing touches.

From your first week, learn to copy garments as computer illustrations starting with t-shirts and woven shirts to more complicated garments such as jeans and a jacket. Learn to turn them into flats. Learn to add fabric colors and textures.

Discover pen, vector, raster, brushes, lines and the protocol for modifying visuals. Create a design a week. Scan then modify your images. Use your new skills to design and draw fashion ideas. A must for anyone entering the apparel profession.

Prerequisite: Fashion Design: Sketching and Illustration or equivalent

Part of Apparel Certificate and Fashion Forward programs

Class policies

Available Spaces: 8

Knitting by Machine

Price: $419.00    Class begins: January 6, 2015

Make knit garments in hours instead of days.

Make knit garments in hours instead of days.

Machine Knitting for Fashion Design with Lisa Silveira, Wandering Muse

Tuesdays, January 6-March 24, 6-9 pm

$419.  Includes kit of practice yarns and swatch notebook.

 Featuring Shibui baby alpaca yarn.


Machine Knitting Level 1.

Learn the basic machine knitting techniques and stitches including cast-on, cast-off, stripe, increasing, decreasing, ribbing, and cables.  You will put together a notebook of knit swatches.  No need to own your own machine, Portland Sewing provides the machines and tools for this class.  No experience required, just enthusiasm and desire to create your own knits in far less time than hand-knitting.

Machine Knitting Level 2.

Shape knits and make garments in Machine Knitting 2.

Shape knits and make garments in Machine Knitting 2.

Learn advanced shaping and contouring techniques including godets, short row circular sections, short rows technique, bust shaping, oval shapes, and short row darts to add beautiful contours to your knitwear.  You will construct a hooded sweater vest using these techniques as well as those from Machine Knitting level 1 on mid-gauge single bed machines and a professional linker.  Curious about double bed knitting?  You’re in luck!  Introducing the double bed machine, you’ll learn how to easily make different types of ribbing as well as some circular/tubular knitting. 

Class policies

Available Spaces: 6

Intermediate Sewing: Casual Jacket

Price: $189.00    Class begins: January 6, 2015

OLS Jacket

OLS Jean Jacket

Paris Moto Jacket

Paris Moto Jacket

$189 or $359 if combined with Perfect White Shirt. Includes pattern & handouts.

Tuesdays, January 6-February 10, 10 am-1 pm or 6-9 pm

Choose from one of two patterns to make a cool classic that’s suitable for any season of Oregon weather. You’ll learn how to work with denim and other thick fabrics, make bachelor buttons and buttonholes, and five different kinds of professional-looking flat fell seams.

Prerequisite: Apparel Construction

Available Spaces: 15

Concept & Development 2

Price: $149.00    Class begins: January 6, 2015

ProgressionsConcept & Development 2

Tuesdays, January 6-27, 6:30-9 pm


How can you make your design idea a reality? What do designers do to come up with ideas? Learn how to create a fashion collection.  Experience the process from beginning to end like a pro. Learn how to make mood boards, keep a sketchbook, and where to look for inspiration. Design for a specific customer. Choose your fabrics, trims and colors. Critique your own work to define, edit and refine your collection. Leave with finished sketches ready for a portfolio or an apparel construction class. Prereq:  C&D1

Available Spaces: 8

Fashion Event Production

Price: $269.00    Class begins: January 7, 2015

Elie Saab and his models at the Paris Couture Show.

with Elizabeth Mollo, fashion show producer and director

Wednesdays, January 7-February 25, 6-9 pm

$269 for 8 weeks

Learn how to produce a fashion show from managing time and budgets, publicity and promotions, merchandising, the booking of models and talent, choosing music and choreography, staging, lighting and set design, and other demands of a special event such as public speaking, equipment and venue rental, permitting and catering. Learn how to style your models.

By being part of this class, you will have the opportunity to work backstage at two of Portland's premier fashion shows:  Unmentionables, Tuesday, February 10 and Fade to LightWednesday, February 25.

Thanks to this class, you'll be ready to create any fashion event.

Available Spaces: 10

Apparel Construction

Price: $99.00    Class begins: January 7, 2015

If you’ve never or barely touched a machine, Learn to Sew is the one for you! If you’ve done some sewing but are a bit unsure about your skills or want to learn professional techniques and are ready to make apparel, then try Apparel Construction.

Apparel Construction 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 
$99 each level or $289 for a series of 3 levels. Each level last 4 sessions. Priced per person. Includes patterns.

APPAREL CONSTRUCTION SERIES: Wednesdays, January 7-March 25, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm OR Saturdays, January 10-March 28, 10 am-1 pm.

Portland Sewing_AUG_2013_PatternApparel Construction 1.0: Wednesdays, January 7-28, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm OR Saturdays, January 10-31, 10 am-1 pm.  Start sewing and build confidence. Learn basic stitches and how to use your machine while you make an A-line skirt with a zipper. Guys!  You'll make a sports vest.  Learn how to use commercial patterns. Layout and cut fabric with happy results. Includes patterns & handouts.  Prerequisite:  Learn to Sew or previous sewing experience. 

Apparel Construction 2.0 : Wednesdays, February 4-25, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm OR Saturdays, February 7-28, 10 am-1 pm.  Learn the basics of fitting patterns plus the secrets of elastic while making a casual pair of weekend pants to wear around the house, shopping, gardening or exercise class. Make two kinds of pockets that you should know how to make.  Includes patterns & handouts. Prereq: Apparel Construction 1.0 

Apparel Construction 3.0:  Wednesdays, March 4-25, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm OR Saturdays, March 7-28, 10 am-1 pm.

Day Dress Short Sleeve

Learn more about how to fit patterns and garments plus the secrets of making a professional garment while you make a princess seamed day dress in blouse, tunic or knee length.  Construct interfacing, collars, buttonholes and sew on buttons.  Guys!  MansCampShirtYou'll make a camp shirt.  Includes patterns & handouts.  Prereq: Apparel Construction 1.0 & 2.0

Don't have a sewing machine?  Rent one of our nice, new machines for $10/class meeting.  Apply your rent to owning to machine when you buy your machine from us.

Class policies

"I don't know if you're the one who encouraged [my daughter] to take this class but whoever it was gets a big thanks from her grandmothers (who both sew) and me (who doesn't). Thank you!" -- Kathryn

Available Spaces: 36


Price: $399.00    Class begins: January 7, 2015

Learn the professional way to make patterns for commercial or personal use.

Introduction to Patternmaking Series (Pattern 1&2) with Cindy Persson of StudioSKB

Pattern Intro Series: Wednesdays, January 7 - April 1, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm 

After these classes, you will be ready to design clothes — for yourself or others.  You will have patterns that fit and you’ll be able to turn it into innumerable designs for skirts, shirts and blouses, dresses and pants.

Take the whole 13-week series  for $819 or $445 for Pattern 1, $399  for Pattern 2. Series includes pattern papers and textbook “Building Patterns” by Suzy Furrer and special handouts.

Patternmaking 1.  Seven weeks: Wednesdays, January 7-February 18, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm

Draft slopers made to your measurements.  Start with a torso sloper that you can use for dresses, jackets and coats.  Create a bodice sloper for blouses and shirts.  Go to sleeves.  Then create a skirt sloper.  Finish with pants.  Prerequisite: Beginning sewing, experience with commercial patterns.

Patternmaking 2.  Six weeks: Wednesdays, February 25-April 1, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm.  Use your slopers to make patterns for garments made from woven fabric:  Bodices, sleeves, skirts and pants.  Learn how to manipulate darts into tucks, gather, flares and seams to make more creative designs.  Draft necklines and collars. Prerequisite: Beginning sewing, Pattern 1.
“I wanted to let you know I made another dress from pattern class, it’s an evening gown with a boat neck front and v back and bell sleeves and I’ve worn it twice now. I’m now working on making the boot cut jeans, and successfully put the front fly in. Thanks for the class, it was awesome.”  – Karen C, Fall 2013 pattern intro class

Available Spaces: 20

Leatherworking 1

Price: $279.00    Class begins: January 8, 2015

LeatherworkingThursdays, January 8-February 12, 6-9 pm

$239 + $40 kit fee ($279)  

This six-session course teaches the fundamentals of leatherworking while you make a belt and tote bag. Learn how to cut, bevel, crease and burnish edges, plus how to skive. Wet form leather around a buckle, and learn how to apply dyes and finishes to your belt. The tote project will introduce several different seam types and edge finishes appropriate for leather.  You will be introduced to the many different kinds of leather, its qualities and potential and become proficient at using and maintaining leather hand tools.

Leather 1 toteKit includes leather for samples, belt and buckle, handles for tote, stitching awl, linen thread, harness needles, edge finishing tools, plus dyes and finishes to use in-class. You will buy a small amount of light leather for the tote bag. You also will bring basic sewing suppliesLeather 1 belt and bring, or rent, a home sewing machine for three classes.

Class limited to eight students. This class is designed for people with little or no previous experience, and for those who want to go back to the basics in working with leather.

Prerequisite: Beginning Sewing

Class policies

Available Spaces: 7

Industrial Machine Sewing

Price: $249.00    Class begins: January 8, 2015

Learn how to use professional machine.

Industrial Machine Sewing with Lisa Silveira, Wandering Muse

$249.  Includes kit of bobbins, bobbin case and sewing machine needles.

Thursdays, January 8-February 12, 6-9 pm

Learn to sew on those ultra-fast commercial sewing machines — from lockstitch to coverstitch — and learn the fast, professional way to make apparel. Sew at up to 6500 stitches per minute instead of the 250 per minute on the typical home sewing machines. You’ll learn on the latest, most competent machines: Juki lockstitch, Pfaff overlock, Juki double-needle walking foot, Kansai coverstitch and Consew blindhem. You’ll learn how to thread the machines, understand and use sewing terminology, troubleshoot problems and how to handle fabric.

Pre-requisite:  Apparel Construction or equivalent.


Available Spaces: 5

Couture Lace Dress

Price: $299.00    Class begins: January 8, 2015

Couture Lace Dress 4

Choose from one of these couture lace dress patterns -- or bring your own.

Stephanie D Couture

Couture Lace Dress with Stephanie D Couture

Thursday, January 8-February 12, 6-9 pm


Turn heads in a beautiful lace dress.  Nothing is more beautiful than fine lace when used to its best advantage.

Choose one of four patterns or bring your own.

Learn about different types of laces, how to shape a garment without showing seams and how to sew these delicate fabrics.  Discover the magic of underlining and how to achieve flawless details like a handpicked zipper.

Finish just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Available Spaces: 8


Price: $229.00    Class begins: January 8, 2015




Sustainable Fashion: Alabama Chanin Style with Lisa Silveira, Wandering Muse

Thursdays, January 8 -February 12, 10 am-1 pm

$229 (includes $20 kit fee)

Learn the principals behind the American made brand Alabama Chanin. From field to garment, organic cotton made in the USA. Create your own beautiful Alabama Chanin style garment using their feminine patterns, stenciling methods and time honored hand sewing and applique techniques.

Available Spaces: 8


Price: $189.00    Class begins: January 9, 2015

Bias Charmeuse Slip CU

Level 1: Slip, cami, tap pants.


Level 2: Bra, panties, teddy.

Fridays, Jan 9-March 27, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm.

$189 per class or $359 for series.  Includes all patterns.

Level 1: Plan for a romantic evening with a camisole, tap pants and embellished slip.  Work with difficult woven fabrics, such as silk charmeuse.  Learn how to apply elastic and lace. Cut and sew on the bias.

Level 2: Step up your skills and work with knits and stretch fabrics while you make panties, a bra and a teddy.  Attach stretch lace, plush elastic and bra backs and straps.  Discover sources for bra-making materials.  Create garments that fit you and learn how to make garments to fit others.

Prerequisite: Apparel Construction

Class policies


The lingerie class was fantastic!  I loved learning the techniques and of course, working with gorgeous silk.  The cami/short set I made is so beautiful! -- Suzy, Spring 2014

Available Spaces: 17


Price: $189.00    Class begins: January 9, 2015

Portland Sewing_AUG_2013_Patternwith instructor and tailor Ali Loverink

Fridays, January 9-February 13, 6-9 pm.

$189  or $359 if combined with Menswear-Pants

Make a dress shirt with details suitable for a man to wear: Shirt with reversed front button plackets, pocket, standard sleeve and box cuff, collar and band and flat-felled seams throughout for a beautiful and durable inside.  Learn fitting tips for men.

Pre-requisite: Beginning Sewing or equivalent

Available Spaces: 8

Pattern Design (Pattern 3)

Price: $319.00    Class begins: January 9, 2015

Mariko completes details on her dress pattern.

Pattern Design (Pattern 3) with instructor Sharon Blair, BA, MA, PAA

Fridays, January 9-February 13, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm

$319 for Pattern 3 or $599 for both Pattern 3 & Pattern Knits (Pattern 4).  Includes pattern paper, handouts.


Bring in a picture or a sketch and make that garment!  Learn advanced techniques:  How to remove ease, add ease, eliminate darts, create jackets and  asymmetric styles.  Use the slopers you made in Patternmaking-Intro to design your own clothes.  Learn how to choose the right styles for your figure and how the pros judge a fabulous fit. Leave with patterns ready to take to a factory for production — or to your house for a new wardrobe of well-fitting clothes.

Prerequisite:  Pattern Intro (Patternmaking 1 & 2)

Text:  Building Patterns by Suzy Furrer

Class policies

Available Spaces: 7

Advanced Pattern/Collection

Price: $229.00    Class begins: January 9, 2015

Make your collection through Advanced Pattern & Construction with Sharon Blair, BA, MA, PAA

Portland Sewing and Sharon Blair have appeared in several articles for Threads Magazine.

Fridays, January 9-March 27, 10 am-1 pm or 6-9 pm. 

$229 for 6 weeks or $449 for 12 weeks

Bring your ideas and your patternmaking skills and take advantage of our guided lab.  Design, develop and produce the garments of your choice.  Produce your next clothing line. Do your work with the help of Sharon Blair.  Blair studied in Paris.  She has written several articles for Threads Magazine.  And she has taken many local designers through producing their collections and even helped some get on and win Project Runway.

Tackle more difficult projects.  Resolve fit issues.  Master tricky construction issues.

Let your ideas run free!  What do you want to create today?  Bring it here and we'll make it happen.

Prerequisites:  Intermediate Sewing classes, Patternmaking Series, Industrial Machine Sewing

Available Spaces: 7

Conquer Zippers

Price: $62.00    Class begins: January 10, 2015

Conquer Zippers

Saturday, January 10, 2-5 pm

$62.  Includes kit of zippers and fabrics.

Take control when sewing your clothes! For anyone wanting to make or fix zippers. You'll sew samples of five kinds –centered, lapped, invisible, mock fly and faced fly – and learn which to use where. includes all fabrics, zippers and handouts.

Class policies

Available Spaces: 10

PR Techniques

Price: $499.00    Class begins: January 10, 2015

PR techniques

with Eden Dawn, fashion editor for Portland Monthly

Saturday, January 10, 2015 10 am-1 pm

$52 for the class, $499 for the Apparel Product Development series


Get the LINE on how to get coverage from bloggers, and the news media while learning the four basic tips for visibility. Eden will guide you though how to make contact with media and when they would like to hear from you. Then she’ll talk about how to get ready for your conversation through:

L: Give your information a Local angle

I: Think about how it will Impact the readers. In other words, why would they care?

N: News means it is New. What is different about what you’re offering?

E: Tell a story. Make your information Entertaining.

By the end of the class, you’ll learn who (and how) to contact in the media. You’ll know how to look at stories from the press’ point of view, how to recognize a news peg and put it first in your e-mail to your contacts, plus find out the things fashion writers don’t want. Most importantly, you’ll know how to see media as friends and colleagues.

Step 10 of the 10-part Apparel Product Development series

Part of the Apparel Certificate and Fashion Forward programs


Eden Dawn PicEden Dawn (yes, that is her real name) spends her life submerged in fashion as a stylist, writer, and tastemaker. Born and raised in Oregon, she began her style career while still a child, by cheerfully violating numerous dress codes at her private school before turning that troublemaking into her trademark as one of Oregon’s top fashion experts.

The project enthusiastic style lover spends her time as a freelance wardrobe stylist and fashion writer. Not only does she provide regular contributions to Portland Monthly's (Oregon’s award winning magazine) fashion content, style commercial and editorial jobs, and talk about trends frequently on television.


Available Spaces: 15

Branding & Marketing

Price: $235.00    Class begins: January 15, 2015

Branding & Marketing

9 weeks: Thursdays, January 15-March 12, 6-9 pm, $235

with instructor Kim Dawson of Revolution Business & Life Design


The essence of your brand is the point of "v-you".  It’s what you want people experience in their lives when they wear the clothes you design. In this 3-part brand communications workshop you will explore how to develop and deliver the unique experience of your brand to build lasting and profitable relationships with current and potential customers through three types of communication:

1) brand name and tagline;

2) social media content; and

3) sales pitches.

Class structure is highly participatory and collaborative, so come ready to share, explore, create and take action.

Part 1 (January 15, 22 & 29): Creating Brand Experience via Name & Tagline
Part 2 (February 5, 12,19 & 26): Creating Brand Experience via Social Media
Part 3 (March 5, 12): Creating Brand Experience via Sales Pitches


KimDawsonKim Dawson began her career with Chiat/Day Advertising, creators of the "1984" ad for the Apple MacIntosh computer. She's been a sales and marketing director with ground-breaking entrepreneurial businesses in the U.S. and Europe.  As founder of Revolution Business & Life Design, she co-conspires with creative entrepreneurs to design "revolutionary businesses we love, that make a difference and love us back."

Available Spaces: 10

Fit & Pattern Alteration

Price: $169.00    Class begins: January 17, 2015

FittingFit & Pattern Alteration

Saturdays, January 17, 24 & 31, 2-5 pm, $169

Start the new year right with clothes that fit and flatter you.  Through these three classes, you'll be able to spot figure types and know the right styling for each figure type to flatter the good points and hide the bad.  You'll bring in two of your patterns and learn how to make them fit you.  Sew these up as a fitting shell or bring in a favorite garment, judge whether it's right for you and what to do to improve it.  It's a perfect excuse to do some closet cleaning and go shopping.

By the end of the class, you'll know how to:

− Understand the elements of proper garment fit.
− Evaluate garment fit to determine good or poor fit areas.
− Diagnose fit issues and know steps to correct them
− Alter a pattern to achieve desired results.
− Make simple adjustments to a garment to get to the right look.

Prerequisites:  Beginning Sewing, experience with commercial patterns

Available Spaces: 8

Mommy & Me

Price: $96.00    Class begins: January 24, 2015

Mommy&Me SewingMommy & Me Sewing -- Messenger Bags

Saturdays, January 24 & 31, 2-5 pm.


Make a messenger bag and pouches in this 2-session class.  In the first session, learn about sewing machines, patterns and fabrics.  Lay out your pattern and cut it.  In the second, sew!

Available Spaces: 8

Start and run a successful custom business

Price: $52.00    Class begins: January 24, 2015

Start and run a successful custom business with Stephanie of Stephanie D Couture
Part of the Apparel Production Series
Saturday, January 24, 10 am-1 pm
$52/class or $539 for the series
Do you dream of starting your own couture clothing business? To be successful, you'll have to learn how to run a business, market yourself and keep your customers happy.  Here are some basics on getting started in the custom clothing business.
Through this class, you will learn how to:
- Prepare the appropriate materials when working with clients during the designing and fitting process.
- Identify your requirements before start looking for potential space.
- Train and manage  seamstresses in order to maintain quality control.
- Create a successful promotion plan for your business through marketing and public relations without breaking the bank.
- Keep your books and stay on track with lenders and the IRS.

After attending the Art Institute of Portland, Stephanie D pursued her own label in 2008. Stephanie's initial collections were rooted in designing skillfully draped evening and traditional wedding gowns. Stephanie's line then evolved to ready-to-wear, which debuted on the runway at the 2009 Portland Fashion Week (now FashioNXT).
She sells her collection at StephanieDCouture.com and at her shop at 1030 NW 12th Avenue. She also offers one-of-a-kind custom evening and wedding dresses and has started a fashion and lifestyle magazine at StyleWithSteph.com.


Available Spaces: 16

Master the Business of Fashion Styling

Price: $75.00    Class begins: January 31, 2015

Amanda imageMaster the Business of Fashion Styling

with Emmy-winning Amanda Needham, costume designer and stylist of Portlandia, "Wendy and Lucy" and many films, fashion shows and television shows

-- a 3 hour classroom styling workshop for aspiring stylists and designers

Saturday, January 31, 10 am-1 pm, $75

Amanda will take you through some of her shows and tell you the story of how she got into the business. She'll talk to you about styling choices to bring out the nature of the character.  Learn:

-- The different types of careers in fashion and wardrobe styling.  Plus how to:

-- Shop and prep merchandise.

-- Build your brand and develop a portfolio.

-- Network with producers, directors, photographers, talent agencies.

-- Market and promote yourself as a stylist, and most importantly how to find and maintain work!

Designers:  Bring your designs and concept boards.  At the end of the class, Amanda will give you some advice. It will help them style your runway shows.  Make the best choices on hair and makeup for your models.

Event limited to 25 persons.

Available Spaces: 25

Fashion Illustration Intensives

Price: $219.00    Class begins: January 31, 2015

Fashion Illustration2Fashion Illustration Intensives with Jennifer Baggett, Art Director Fred Meyer Corporation

$219 each

Level 1:  Become a fashion artist & start thinking like one.  In one day, you will start with a simple pencil and paper and end knowing how to draw the fashion figure. Add hair, hands, faces, feet and poses. Saturday & Sunday, January 31 & February 1, 8 am-2 pm.

Level 2:  Use markers to add clothes and textures.  Create fashion illustrations suitable for a portfolio. Prerequisite:  Level 1.  Saturday & Sunday, January 31 & February 1, 2:30-7 pm.

Level 3: Draw ¾ views with more detail on clothing: sleeves, collars, plackets, pleats, ruffles.  Prerequisite: Level 2.  Saturday & Sunday.  Look for this class in Spring.

Mens Fashion IllustrationMen’s: Get the proportions for a man’s fashion figure. Create a croquis, clothes. Prerequisite:  Level 2. Saturday & Sunday.  Look for this class in Spring.

Available Spaces: 15

Creating Line Sheets & Look Books

Price: $219.00    Class begins: February 3, 2015

Creating Line Sheets & Look Books

with Emily Weltman, Nike & FIT 

Tuesday, February 3-March 10, 6:30-9 pm.  $219.

Create these key tools for selling your clothing line.  A must for anyone trying to sell their products to boutiques and stores.  Start with flats.  Use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign and create line art.  Learn about style numbers, photo shoots and paper choices.  End with a pdf ready to go to print.  Prereq:  Adobe Illustrator 

Available Spaces: 10

Use Your Feet

Price: $52.00    Class begins: February 7, 2015

Use Your Feet

Saturday, February 7, 2-5 pm.  $52

Are you confused by all the extra mystery feet that came in the accessory kit with your sewing machine?  We'll not only tell you what they are,  we'll put them to use and make a sweet gift -- just in time for Valentine's Day.

Common accessories include feet such as:

  • Blindhem
  • Decorative
  • Piping/Cording
  • Pearls
  • Rolled hem
  • Quilting and quilt extension
  • Zigzag
  • Zipper




Available Spaces: 12

Make Your Body Double

Price: $169.00    Class begins: February 7, 2015

Jason Bray, fit expert, Portland Opera

Jason Bray (right) creates a costume for a performer at the Portland Opera

Make Your Body Double

Saturdays, February 7-28, 2-5 pm, $169.

Bring your professional dress form and alter it to fit you the way the pros do.  Learn the tricks and materials from Portland Opera fit expert, Jason Bray.  In 3 sessions, you will leave with your body double.

Available Spaces: 8

Lace Shaping

Price: $69.00    Class begins: February 14, 2015

CU-BeadedJktLace Shaping

Saturday, February 14, 2-5 pm, $69 (includes practice fabrics)

What are you doing Valentine's Day?  Learning how to shape lace.  Perfect class for such a day.

Use couture techniques and hand stitching while  you attach lace seamlessly to a base garment.  Build your dictionary of laces from Alencon to Venise.  Shape lace around curves without seams or darts.  Learn how to work with beads, pearls, sequins and motifs.


Available Spaces: 8

Optitex-Computer Patternmaking

Price: $998.00    Class begins: February 16, 2015

Computer Patternmaking, Grading, Marking with Optitex


Mondays, February 16-March 23, 6-9 pm

Limited to 4 students/session.  Prerequisites:  Intro and Advanced Patternmaking (Pattern 1-4)

with instructor Sharon Blair, Northwest representative for Optitex

Computer Patternmaking.
Go from flat pattern to CAD (computer-aided design) in twelve sessions.  You'll learn to digitize your patterns, modify them, check and correct notches, armholes, necklines and seamlines, create variations and seam allowances.  You'll also learn the principles of grading and marking, then apply them to your pattern.  Use Optitex 12 -- the same software used by Nike and many designers -- and an Algotex digitizer.

Learn the principles of cardinal points and grade rules on a flat pattern, then move to the computer program and apply them to your pattern. Size grading is the process of increasing and decreasing clothing sizes. Fashion designers work with a patternmaker to develop their first patterns. Samples are made from these patterns and when they are complete and ready to be produced, they need to be graded. The pattern pieces are increased and decreased at specific locations to create each size.  Need to know more about grading?  Take our basic grading class.

Layout a size run of your patterns for the best fabric usage for your size runs and styles.  Learn the difference between mixed, single size and other markers and which to use where. A marker is a layout of the pattern pieces that a cutting service will place on top of the spread fabric. Your goal: The highest fabric usage while conforming to grainline and sizes per your company's requirements.   Need to know more about markers?  Take our advanced grading and marking class.

Available Spaces: 8

Intermediate Sewing: Perfect White Shirt

Price: $189.00    Class begins: February 17, 2015

White shirts

Choose from one of four looks

Perfect White Shirt

 Tuesdays, February 17-March 24 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm

$189 or $359 if combined with Casual Jacket.  Includes for pattern and handouts.

It's the hottest thing on the New York runways:  The classic white shirt.  Choose from one of four styles.   Learn to adjust your pattern to fit you. Then learn techniques from the garment industry for perfect cuffs, collars, collar bands and pockets.  PS:  It doesn't have to be white!

Prerequisite: Apparel Construction

Available Spaces: 16


Price: $189.00    Class begins: February 19, 2015

Shape Wear BlackShapewear

Thursdays, February 19-March 26, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm.

$189.  Includes patterns.

Sreamline your silhouette, eliminate panty lines and flatten your tummy for a smooth look under your clothes.  Work with heavy duty 4-way stretch and elastic to make a body shaper and power panties with mid-thigh and high waist options in this advanced class.

Available Spaces: 16

Intermediate Sewing: Knitwear

Price: $199.00    Class begins: February 19, 2015

Knit Sportswear

Learn the tricks of sewing knitwear using the latest fabrics and techniques.

Intermediate Sewing:  Knitwear

Thursday, February 19-March 26, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm.

$199.  Includes all patterns.

Time to make an entire wardrobe of smart yet comfortable clothes.

Learn techniques from the sportswear industry while making a skirt and jacket and, bonus project:  capelet or dress with your choice of patterns.  Add details in your knits such as pockets, waistbands, buttons and buttonholes.  Use the latest knit fabrics.


Available Spaces: 16


Price: $359.00    Class begins: February 20, 2015

Portland Sewing_AUG_2013_Pattern

Learn details suitable for a man's pants.

Fridays, February 20-March 27, 6-9 pm

$189.  $359 if combined with Menswear-Shirts. Includes handouts and pattern.

Make pants or trousers with details suitable for a man to wear: Welt pockets in back, slant pockets in front a faced fly, waistband curtain and partial lining as found in all well-made men’s pants.  Learn fitting tips for men.

Prerequisite:  Beginning sewing or equivalent

Available Spaces: 8

Pattern Knits & Stretch

Price: $319.00    Class begins: February 20, 2015

Knit-for-webPattern Knits & Stretch (Pattern 4)

with instructor Sharon Blair, BA, MA, PAA

Fridays, February 20-March 27, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm

$319   Includes pattern paper, handouts

Everybody wears knits.  So try your hand at making patterns for knits. Use the slopers you made in Patternmaking 1 and create new ones. Make tops, dresses, sweaters, activewear — including raglan sleeve hoodies — bras and swimsuits.  Learn how to adjust your patterns for different kinds of knits.  Patterns can be used for stretch fabrics too.

If you’ve taken Intermediate Sewing: Knits & Performance Fabrics, you’ll find yourself making the the pattern, cutting and sewing then wearing that garment to class the next week!

Prerequisites: Patternmaking 1

Class policies

Available Spaces: 10

Mad for Plaid

Price: $169.00    Class begins: February 21, 2015

Plaid-Shirt-Back CUMad for Plaid

Saturdays, February 14-28, 2-5 pm.

$169, includes sample fabrics & handouts.

Get the right plaid-itude.  Bring your pattern and learn to lay out, cut and sew garments with perfectly matched plaids.  Good for shirts, jackets, skirts, dresses

Available Spaces: 12

Serger Classes

Price: $189.00    Class begins: March 7, 2015


Open to all makes and models of sergers.

Saturdays, March 7-28, 2-5 pm, $189 (includes handouts, sample fabrics) 

Make a tote with 4-thread overlock in one sessifabrics)

Start with Basic Serger Techniques.  Find out all your serger can do. Learn the parts of your serger, how to thread and manage the tensions and how to trouble-shoot problems while creating a book of techniques — from overlock to  rolled edge — in the first class. Serge a patchwork tote in the second class, a knit top in the third.


Use decorative threads and fancy serger stitches to create something wonderful.

Move on to Flatlocked Scarf/Wrap:  You’ve mastered your serger, now practice by making this one of a kind scarf/wrap.  We’ll start by embellishing the velvet with heavy re-embroidered lace and pressing into the velvet to create a design that is uniquely you.  Then we’ll piece the scarf together with decorative thread and the flatlock stitch.  It’ll be finished up with an optional hook and button closure.  Easy to make; could be the perfect gift for all your friends!

Open to all makes and models of sergers. Let us know which one you have when you register. Don’t have a serger? Rent one from us!

" I'm really excited to make the tote. You are a wonderful teacher! I love to hear the history of sewing, serging and fashion. You are incredibly knowledgable, but more importantly you make it fun to learn. Thank you for spending your Saturday afternoons with us and your wonderful talent." -- Christine

Available Spaces: 16


Price: $120.00    Class begins: March 23, 2015

Spring Break Fashion Camp

For Kids & Teens ages 8-13

with Lynn Weglarz, ASG

Monday-Thursday, March 23-26, 2-5 pm

$120; priced per person.  Includes handouts and patterns.

Become a fashion designer!

Your client urgently needs your design expertise!  A new season has begun and she has nothing to wear.  She is looking for a new look and you are the only one she trusts to make it.

You will:

-- Cut and paste a mood board.

-- Make simple sketches to create a trend-appropriate look that showcases your particular style as a designer.

-- Use one of your sketches to drape and make your own fashion garment from the fabric of your choice.

-- Wear your garment home.  We'll have take pictures of your FABULOUS design.

Prereq:  Kids & Teens Beginning Sewing or equivalent

Available Spaces: 8