ABCWe are apparel people teaching apparel people.

Trying to break into the apparel business but don’t know where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place.

The Apparel Business Co. at Portland Sewing is a preparatory and finishing school for apparel designers, companies and aspirants. Our goal is to create and improve apparel skills and apparel business skills for those who are in or want to enter the apparel industry. You’ll get:

– Business classes focused on starting and succeeding in your apparel business.

– Access to industry insiders and information.

– Classes on fashion design and apparel construction.

– Coaching so you can create the right portfolio to get you in to the right schools.

Interested in learning more?  Then ask about our:

– Three certificate programs in apparel design, apparel entrepreneur and computer essentials for non-degree students to get you in to the right jobs.  All three are listed and described here on our website.

– Facilities and materials for those wanting to produce ready-to-wear garments that meet industry standards.  Portland Sewing memberships are available for those who qualify.

ABC: Simple steps to take your apparel ideas to successful reality.

Please register by one day before class starts.  Payment due with registration.  Minimum number of students per class:  4.  Maximum number of students per class:  8.  Confirmation sent upon registration.  Supply list, if any, sent upon meeting minimum number of registrants.  Refunds available until 48 hours before day of class.

Apparel Business Consultations

Price: $35.00    Class begins: January 8, 2014

Apparel Business Consultations

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 1-6 pm; Saturday 1-2 pm


Need advice for your apparel business?  Need help with product development and refining your product ideas?  Need help finding the right sources for your fabric and labor?

Then consultations are for you.

All sessions are one-on-one with the appropriate experienced apparel professionals.  Thanks to our non-disclosure policy, your ideas are safe with us.

You must register at least 24 hours before attending.  Book your spot now! Just let us know which day, what time, the business needs you have in mind.

Class policies

Available Spaces: 89

Apparel Business Plan

Price: $279.00    Class begins: May 7, 2014

Create an Apparel Business Plan

Wednesdays, May 7-June 25, 6-9 pm., $279

Instructor:  Kim Dawson, Partner & Co-Conspirator, Revolution Business & Life Design

This hands on class will walk you through writing your own business plan.

Each week, you will complete different sections.  You will pull together any of the strategic marketing planning, research, costing, sourcing, branding, communications and other work you may have done. You will write the narrative of your business and back it up with detailed facts and figures.  You will create Excel spreadsheets for your financial section -- the very thing lenders want to see.

You will think through your business thoroughly, research facts you are unsure of and examine your ideas critically.  Come prepared with your laptops and all the relevant info you’ve collected.  Roll up your sleeves and leave class with a viable plan that could get you financing and on the path to your dreams.


Available Spaces: 7