Flats & Technical Packages

Price: $219.00    Class begins: April 6, 2015

Knowing how to make a technical package can land you a job.

Flats & Technical Packages with Megan McGugan, Nike

Mondays, April 6-May 11,  6:30-9 pm


Create computer-generated production packages consisting of size specifications, construction standards, materials and production methods with front, back and side flats of all your garments. Each week, you'll translate an illustration to a flat with a spec package. A must for anyone wanting to enter the apparel profession, to work for major apparel companies and to work with production sewing companies.

Prerequisite: Fashion Illustration, Adobe Illustrator

Part of Apparel Certificate and Fashion Forward programs

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Available Spaces: 9


Price: $249.00    Class begins: April 6, 2015

Portfolio with Emily Weltman, design manager for Big Giant, Nike

Mondays, April 6-May 11, 6:30-9 pm, $249

Create a portfolio suitable for applying for an apparel industry job or a major fashion design school.  Use it to enter competitions.  Select a project.  Create a cohesive story around that project using a mood board, fashion illustrations and photographs of garments you’ve created.  End the class with a hard copy as well as digital version plus a resume and basic branding of yourself..

Pre-requisites:  Fashion Design, Adobe. 

Available Spaces: 9

Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design

Price: $319.00    Class begins: April 7, 2015

See and draw garments using a computer and your Adobe program.

with Rebecca Hatton, Columbia Sportswear

Tuesdays, April 7-June 9, 6-9 pm

$319 for 10-week class 

Learn the basics of of how to use this powerful computer program to design apparel. Follow the same steps used at major apparel companies.  Create a concept or mood board.  Design a simple ensemble, following your concept, then put on finishing touches.

From your first week, learn to copy garments as computer illustrations starting with t-shirts and woven shirts to more complicated garments such as jeans and a jacket. Learn to turn them into flats. Learn to add fabric colors and textures.

Discover pen, vector, raster, brushes, lines and the protocol for modifying visuals. Create a design a week. Scan then modify your images. Use your new skills to design and draw fashion ideas. A must for anyone entering the apparel profession.

Prerequisite: Fashion Design: Sketching and Illustration or equivalent

Part of Apparel Certificate and Fashion Forward programs

Class policies

Available Spaces: 4

History of Fashion

Price: $429.00    Class begins: April 9, 2015

History of Fashion with Adrianne Hranko of Columbia Sportswear

Thursdays, April 9-May 14, 6:30-9 pm

$219 or $429 if combined with Inside the Fashion Industry

Where do designers get their ideas? How do they make these ideas a reality?  History of Fashion gives you the answers.  Learn about the history of fashion and the process of designing.  See fashion’s past, present and glimpse fashion’s future. Learn how fashion has evolved through time. Discover the influential fashion designers and trends that changed history. Get an overview of how the way we dress has changed from pre-history through today, with an emphasis on 20th century designers and trends. Learn to spot how contemporary designers are inspired by the past.

Part of Apparel Certificate and Fashion Forward programs

Class policies

Available Spaces: 5

Fashion Illustration Intensives

Price: $219.00    Class begins: May 2, 2015

Fashion Illustration2Fashion Illustration Intensives with Jennifer Baggett, Art Director, Fred Meyer Corporation

$219 each

Level 1:  Become a fashion artist & start thinking like one.  In one day, you will start with a simple pencil and paper and end knowing how to draw the fashion figure. Add hair, hands, faces, feet and poses. Saturday & Sunday, May 2 &3, 8 am-2 pm.

Level 2:  Use markers to add clothes and textures.  Create fashion illustrations suitable for a portfolio. Prerequisite:  Level 1.  Saturday & Sunday, May 9 & 10, 8 am-2 pm.

Level 3: Draw ¾ views with more detail on clothing: sleeves, collars, plackets, pleats, ruffles.  Prerequisite: Level 2.  Saturday & Sunday.  Saturday & Sunday, May 9 & 10,  2:30-7 pm.

Mens Fashion IllustrationMen’s: Get the proportions for a man’s fashion figure. Create a croquis, clothes. Prerequisite:  Level 2. Saturday & Sunday.  May 2 &3, 2:30-7 pm

Available Spaces: 1

Advanced Technical Sketches and Spec Packs

Price: $219.00    Class begins: May 20, 2015

Spec PackAdvanced Specs with Adam Andreas, Columbia Sportswear

Wednesdays, May 20-June 24, 6:30-9 pm, $219

Live the day-to-day work of a technical designer or product developer.  Learn the product development process from beginning to end.  Start with technical sketches and design handoff and go through setting up a sketch library.  Know what details need to be called out and how to sketch for them. Learn about building the Bill of Materials from just looking at design. How to specify the BOM and required stitches on a technical package. Discuss and assign basic grade rules, and add measurement sheets. This learning is what you would do today in a company setting or if you are going create your own line and need to have it manufactured.

Available Spaces: 5