Fit & Pattern Alteration

Price: $169.00    Class begins: June 6, 2015

FittingFit & Pattern Alteration with Valerie Furcron, Columbia Sportswear

Saturdays, June 6-20, 2-5 pm, $169

Create clothes that fit and flatter you.  Through these three classes, you'll be able to spot figure types and know the right styling for each figure type to flatter the good points and hide the bad.  Bring your patterns and we can alter to achieve that fit you've always wanted for your body type.  Sew these up as a fitting shell or bring in a favorite garment, judge whether it's right for you and what to do to improve it.  It's a perfect excuse to do some closet cleaning and go shopping.

By the end of the class, you'll know how to:

− Understand the elements of proper garment fit.
− Evaluate garment fit to determine good or poor fit areas.
− Diagnose fit issues and know steps to correct them
− Alter a pattern to achieve desired results.
− Make simple adjustments to a garment to get to the right look.

Prerequisites:  Beginning Sewing, experience with commercial patterns

Available Spaces: 5

Optitex-Computer Patternmaking

Price: $998.00    Class begins: July 7, 2015

Computer Patternmaking, Grading, Marking with Optitex

Tuesday-Friday, July 7-10, 10 am-5 pm, $998/person

Limited to 4 students/session.  Prerequisites:  Intro and Advanced Patternmaking (Pattern 1-4)

with instructor Sharon Blair, Northwest representative for Optitex

Computer Patternmaking.
Go from flat pattern to CAD (computer-aided design) in six sessions.  You'll learn to digitize your patterns, modify them, check and correct notches, armholes, necklines and seamlines, create variations and seam allowances.  You'll also learn the principles of grading and marking, then apply them to your pattern.  Use Optitex 12 -- the same software used by Nike and many designers -- and an Algotex digitizer.

Learn the principles of cardinal points and grade rules on a flat pattern, then move to the computer program and apply them to your pattern. Size grading is the process of increasing and decreasing clothing sizes. Fashion designers work with a patternmaker to develop their first patterns. Samples are made from these patterns and when they are complete and ready to be produced, they need to be graded. The pattern pieces are increased and decreased at specific locations to create each size.  Need to know more about grading?  Take our basic grading class.

Layout a size run of your patterns for the best fabric usage for your size runs and styles.  Learn the difference between mixed, single size and other markers and which to use where. A marker is a layout of the pattern pieces that a cutting service will place on top of the spread fabric. Your goal: The highest fabric usage while conforming to grainline and sizes per your company's requirements.   Need to know more about markers?  Take our advanced grading and marking class.

Available Spaces: 3


Price: $425.00    Class begins: July 13, 2015

Learn the professional way to make patterns for commercial or personal use.

Introduction to Patternmaking Series (Pattern 1&2) with Cindy Persson of StudioSKB

SUMMER PATTERN INTRO SERIES:  Mondays-Thursdays, July 13-23, 9 am-2:30 pm

After these classes, you will be ready to design clothes — for yourself or others.  You will have patterns that fit and you’ll be able to turn it into innumerable designs for skirts, shirts and blouses, dresses and pants.

Take the whole series  for $819 or $425 for each Series includes pattern papers and textbook “Building Patterns” by Suzy Furrer and special handouts.

Patternmaking 1.  Monday-Thursday, July 13-16, 9 am-2:30 pm.

Draft slopers made to your measurements.  Start with a torso sloper that you can use for dresses, jackets and coats.  Create a bodice sloper for blouses and shirts.  Go to sleeves.  Then create a skirt sloper.  Finish with pants.  Prerequisite: Beginning sewing, experience with commercial patterns.

Patternmaking 2.  Monday-Thursday, July 20-23, 9 am-2:30 pm.  Use your slopers to make patterns for garments made from woven fabric:  Bodices, sleeves, skirts and pants.  Learn how to manipulate darts into tucks, gather, flares and seams to make more creative designs.  Draft necklines and collars. Prerequisite: Beginning sewing, Pattern 1.
“I wanted to let you know I made another dress from pattern class, it’s an evening gown with a boat neck front and v back and bell sleeves and I’ve worn it twice now. I’m now working on making the boot cut jeans, and successfully put the front fly in. Thanks for the class, it was awesome.”  – Karen C

Available Spaces: 18

Make Your Body Double

Price: $169.00    Class begins: July 16, 2015

Jason Bray, fit expert, Portland Opera

Jason Bray (right) creates a costume for a performer at the Portland Opera

Make Your Body Double

Tuesday-Thursday, July 14-16, 6-9 pm, $169.

Bring your professional dress form and alter it to fit you the way the pros do.  Learn the tricks and materials from Portland Opera fit expert, Jason Bray.  In 3 sessions, you will leave with your body double.

Available Spaces: 5


Price: $219.00    Class begins: July 20, 2015

Adam Andreas teaches assymetric designs in Advanced Draping.

Advanced Draping Summer Series with Adam Andreas, Columbia Sportswear

Mondays-Wednesdays, July 20-22 & July 27-29, 6-9 pm, $219

Learn the fashion techniques of the master drapers.  Work on a professional dress form to create more difficult designs on more challenging fabric.  Designs include asymmetry, bias, knots, twists and folds.  Prerequisite:  Draping-Intro

Available Spaces: 8