Price: $299.00    Class begins: January 6, 2015


Choose from one of four patterns

Outerwear with Adrianne Hranko, associate apparel designer and fit engineer for Columbia Sportswear

Tuesdays, January 6-February 10, 6-9 pm

$299. Includes patterns & handouts

Guess what? It rains in Portland! And yet we still go outside to walk, bike and hike. Create a garment that can help you face winter in the Northwest: Water-repellent, warm and wearable with style. Become familiar with fabrics and findings. Sew details appropriate to such garments.  Includes your choice of one of four patterns. Make your choice of a overcoat, trench coat, pea coat or  parka.  Choose wool or technical fabrics including the latest bonded fabrics.

Prerequisite: Apparel Construction 

Available Spaces: 6

Intermediate Sewing: Casual Jacket

Price: $189.00    Class begins: January 6, 2015

OLS Jacket

OLS Jean Jacket

Paris Moto Jacket

Paris Moto Jacket

$189 or $359 if combined with Perfect White Shirt. Includes pattern & handouts.

Tuesdays, January 6-February 10, 10 am-1 pm or 6-9 pm

Choose from one of two patterns to make a cool classic that’s suitable for any season of Oregon weather. You’ll learn how to work with denim and other thick fabrics, make bachelor buttons and buttonholes, and five different kinds of professional-looking flat fell seams.

Prerequisite: Apparel Construction

Available Spaces: 11

Couture Lace Dress

Price: $299.00    Class begins: January 8, 2015

Couture Lace Dress 4

Choose from one of these couture lace dress patterns -- or bring your own.

Stephanie D Couture

Couture Lace Dress with Stephanie D Couture

Thursday, January 8-February 12, 6-9 pm


Turn heads in a beautiful lace dress.  Nothing is more beautiful than fine lace when used to its best advantage.

Choose one of four patterns or bring your own.

Learn about different types of laces, how to shape a garment without showing seams and how to sew these delicate fabrics.  Discover the magic of underlining and how to achieve flawless details like a handpicked zipper.

Finish just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Available Spaces: 7


Price: $229.00    Class begins: January 8, 2015




Sustainable Fashion: Alabama Chanin Style with Lisa Silveira, Wandering Muse

Thursdays, January 8 -February 12, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm

$229 (includes $20 kit fee)

Learn the principals behind the American made brand Alabama Chanin. From field to garment, organic cotton made in the USA. Create your own beautiful Alabama Chanin style garment using their feminine patterns, stenciling methods and time honored hand sewing and applique techniques.

Available Spaces: 11


Price: $189.00    Class begins: January 9, 2015

Bias Charmeuse Slip CU

Level 1: Slip, cami, tap pants.


Level 2: Bra, panties, teddy.

Fridays, Jan 9-March 27, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm.

$189 per class or $359 for series.  Includes all patterns.

Level 1: Plan for a romantic evening with a camisole, tap pants and embellished slip.  Work with difficult woven fabrics, such as silk charmeuse.  Learn how to apply elastic and lace. Cut and sew on the bias.

Level 2: Step up your skills and work with knits and stretch fabrics while you make panties, a bra and a teddy.  Attach stretch lace, plush elastic and bra backs and straps.  Discover sources for bra-making materials.  Create garments that fit you.

Prerequisite: Apparel Construction

Class policies


The lingerie class was fantastic!  I loved learning the techniques and of course, working with gorgeous silk.  The cami/short set I made is so beautiful! -- Suzy, Spring 2014

Available Spaces: 12


Price: $189.00    Class begins: January 9, 2015

Portland Sewing_AUG_2013_Patternwith instructor and tailor Ali Loverink of Wildwood Bespoke

Fridays, January 9-February 13, 6-9 pm.

$189  or $359 if combined with Menswear-Pants

Make a dress shirt with details suitable for a man to wear: Shirt with reversed front button plackets, pocket, standard sleeve and box cuff, collar and band and flat-felled seams throughout for a beautiful and durable inside.  Learn fitting tips for men.

Pre-requisite: Beginning Sewing or equivalent

Available Spaces: 3

Intermediate Sewing: Perfect White Shirt

Price: $189.00    Class begins: February 17, 2015

White shirts

Choose from one of four looks

Perfect White Shirt

 Tuesdays, February 17-March 24 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm

$189 or $359 if combined with Casual Jacket.  Includes for pattern and handouts.

It's the hottest thing on the New York runways:  The classic white shirt.  Choose from one of four styles.   Learn to adjust your pattern to fit you. Then learn techniques from the garment industry for perfect cuffs, collars, collar bands and pockets.  PS:  It doesn't have to be white!

Prerequisite: Apparel Construction

Available Spaces: 12


Price: $189.00    Class begins: February 19, 2015

Shape Wear BlackShapewear

Thursdays, February 19-March 26, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm.

$189.  Includes patterns.

Sreamline your silhouette, eliminate panty lines and flatten your tummy for a smooth look under your clothes.  Work with heavy duty 4-way stretch and elastic to make a body shaper and power panties with mid-thigh and high waist options in this advanced class.

Available Spaces: 15

Intermediate Sewing: Knitwear

Price: $199.00    Class begins: February 19, 2015

Knit Sportswear

Learn the tricks of sewing knitwear using the latest fabrics and techniques.

Intermediate Sewing:  Knitwear

Thursday, February 19-March 26, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm.

$199.  Includes all patterns.

Time to make an entire wardrobe of smart yet comfortable clothes.

Learn techniques from the sportswear industry while making a skirt and jacket and, bonus project:  capelet or dress with your choice of patterns.  Add details in your knits such as pockets, waistbands, buttons and buttonholes.  Use the latest knit fabrics.


Available Spaces: 12


Price: $189.00    Class begins: February 20, 2015

Portland Sewing_AUG_2013_Pattern

Learn details suitable for a man's pants.

Fridays, February 20-March 27, 6-9 pm with Ali Loverink of Wildwood Bespoke

$189.  $359 if combined with Menswear-Shirts. Includes handouts and pattern.

Make pants or trousers with details suitable for a man to wear: Welt pockets in back, slant pockets in front a faced fly, waistband curtain and partial lining as found in all well-made men’s pants.  Learn fitting tips for men.

Prerequisite:  Beginning sewing or equivalent

Available Spaces: 8

Mad for Plaid

Price: $169.00    Class begins: February 21, 2015

Plaid-Shirt-Back CUMad for Plaid

Saturdays, February 14-28, 2-5 pm.

$169, includes sample fabrics & handouts.

Get the right plaid-itude.  Bring your pattern and learn to lay out, cut and sew garments with perfectly matched plaids.  Good for shirts, jackets, skirts, dresses

Available Spaces: 11