Apparel Construction

Price: $99.00    Class begins: September 10, 2014

If you’ve never or barely touched a machine, Learn to Sew is the one for you! If you’ve done some sewing but are a bit unsure about your skills or want to learn professional techniques and are ready to make apparel, then try Apparel Construction.

Apparel Construction 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 
$99 each level or $289 for a series of 3 levels. Each level last 4 sessions. Priced per person. Includes patterns.

APPAREL CONSTRUCTION SERIES: Wednesdays, September 10-November 26, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm OR Saturdays, September 13-December 6, 10 am-1 pm (no class Thanksgiving weekend).

Portland Sewing_AUG_2013_PatternApparel Construction 1.0: Wednesdays, September 10-October 1, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm OR Saturdays, September 13-October 4, 10 am-1 pm.  Start sewing and build confidence. Learn basic stitches and how to use your machine while you make an A-line skirt with a zipper. Guys!  You'll make a sports vest.  Learn how to use commercial patterns. Layout and cut fabric with happy results. Includes patterns & handouts.  Prerequisite:  Learn to Sew or previous sewing experience. 

Apparel Construction 2.0 : Wednesdays, October 8-29, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm OR Saturdays, October 11-November 1, 10 am-1 pm.  Learn the basics of fitting patterns plus the secrets of elastic while making a casual pair of weekend pants to wear around the house, shopping, gardening or exercise class. Make two kinds of pockets that you should know how to make.  Includes patterns & handouts. Prereq: Apparel Construction 1.0 

Apparel Construction 3.0:  Wednesdays, November 5-26, 10 am-1 pm OR 6-9 pm OR Saturdays, November 8-December 6, 10 am-1 pm (no class Thanksgiving weekend).

Day Dress Short Sleeve

Learn more about how to fit patterns and garments plus the secrets of making a professional garment while you make a princess seamed day dress in blouse, tunic or knee length.  Construct interfacing, collars, buttonholes and sew on buttons.  Guys!  MansCampShirtYou'll make a camp shirt.  Includes patterns & handouts.  Prereq: Apparel Construction 1.0 & 2.0

Don't have a sewing machine?  Rent one of our nice, new machines for $10/class meeting.  Apply your rent to owning to machine when you buy your machine from us.

Class policies

"I don't know if you're the one who encouraged [my daughter] to take this class but whoever it was gets a big thanks from her grandmothers (who both sew) and me (who doesn't). Thank you!" -- Kathryn

Available Spaces: 14

Kids & Teens Sewing

Price: $74.00    Class begins: September 15, 2014

Kids & Teens Sewing (ages 8-13), with Lynn Weglarz, children's sewing book author
Mondays 4-5:45 pm.  $74/person/session
You will learn to sew! Become friends with a machine, learn basic stitches fearlessly and have fun!

Wendy, Claire, Molly, Phobe and their drawstring bagsLevel 1: Pillowcase, drawstring bag and digital music player case.

September session:  September 15-October 6

October session:  October 13-November 3

November session:  November 10-December 1

Get to know your sewing machine.  Learn all the parts, how to thread it and make a bobbin.  Sew straight lines and corners while making the perfect iPod purse.  We’ll make pillowcases for sleepovers or for a gift.  Then we'll make a drawstring tote bag, perfect for carrying books or carrying clothes for a sleepover.  No sewing experience is required.  Includes handouts.

KnitPJSetLevel 2- Secret Pocket Pillow and PJ pants.  October 13-November 3

Make fun seams, easy hems and waistbands.  Learn about elastic and more complicated layouts.  Learn how to control fabric and the proper way to sew a pair of pants.  Save your leftover fabric to make a cool secret pocket pillow. Take your outfit to spirit day or wear it around the house or to sleepovers!  Prerequisite:  Kids & Teens level 1


Level 3-Comfy robe.   November 10-December 1

Make a comfy robe of cotton or flannel with band, pockets and sash.  Match your pockets and make them even. Learn the proper way to cut fabric and sew sleeves.  Improve on your skills.  Prerequisite:  Kids & Teens levels 1 & 2


Available Spaces: 15

Kids & Teens Advanced Sewing

Price: $74.00    Class begins: October 13, 2014

Kids & Teens Advanced Sewing.  Gone through the basic Kids & Teens classes?  Then you are ready to make real clothes.  Choose the level:  Level 4/Skirts, Level 5/Pants, Level 6/Knit Dress.

Classes meet on Mondays, 4-5:45 pm.  Then tell us which session you'd like to attend.

September session:  September 15- October 6

October session:  October 13-November 3

November session:  November 10-December 1

TwirlySkirtLevel 4 - One or two layered TWIRLY SKIRT.  

Learn how to sew hems.  Sew on elastic.  Add trims and sparklies.  Make your skirt one layer or several or add tiers.  Wear your new skirt home!  Prerequisite:  Kids & Teens levels 1-3

Level 5 - REAL PANTS.  

Learn how to make belt loops, add a zipper and make pockets.  Make a fun tie belt to slide through your belt loops.  Prerequisite:  Kids & Teens levels 1-4

Kids Knit DressLevel 6 - KNIT DRESS.  

Everyone wears them.  You have the skills.  So go ahead and make a knit dress with elastic waistband in two different styles:  Long sleeve or sleeveless.  Prerequisite:  Kids & Teens levels 1-5

Class policies

Don't have a sewing machine?  Rent one of our nice, new machines for $10/class meeting.  Apply your rent to owning to machine when you buy your machine from us.

Available Spaces: 3

Santa's Workshop

Price: $69.00    Class begins: December 2, 2014

Santa's Workshop

These ladies are ready for the holidays. Are you?

Tuesdays, December 2 & 9; 4-5:45 pm, $69

For kids & teens, ages 8-14

Session 1:  Fleece Fun. Make scarves, a cute hat, or a fleece football.  Session 2:  Christmas Ornaments. Easy ornaments; perfect for gift giving, a hang tag on a present or hang on your Christmas tree. Plus, make a bag to hold your electronic toy, from IPod to an e-reader and everything in between.  The bags can also be customized to be a small wallet or purse.

Class policies

Available Spaces: 8